Saturday, September 13, 2008

Lenses: Lets Get Small

pince-nez lens size comparisonI know that I'm showing my age by reference to this old Steve Martin album / comedy routine. I even forgot the essence of the joke. Nevertheless, it is a great title for today's post.

I am very grateful to my pince-nez friend who has given me tremendous guidance on my path to wearing this great eyewear. I've learned many valuable lessons and today I'll touch on one not previously mentioned. Lenses for pince-nez should be smaller in size than lenses made for contemporary eyewear. I've had lenses made at two optical stores and both advised making larger lenses for my pince-nez. Though the stores were well-intentioned, I'm glad that I listened to my friend and stuck with the dimensions of the classical pince-nez lenses.

I can think of two reasons for the smaller than typical lenses. First, a pince-nez sits closer to the face. You do not need, nor want, a larger lens. I'm currently wearing lenses with the same dimensions as the pince-nez lens pictured here. My peripheral vision is fine with them. Second, large lenses are more difficult to wear on a pince-nez mounting. The balance, by nature, is more delicate with a larger lens as any shift would be more likely and noticeable.

The lenses I wear are one and a half inches wide and one and three-sixteenths inches tall.

Remember to get the high index lenses or something similar so your lenses will be as thin as possible.

pince-nez lens size dimension


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