Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Classic Fingerpiece: A Modern Example

A few weeks ago I received a reader's photo from Stephen in Louisiana. He is pictured here in his prescription fingerpiece. It looks like a photo straight from the pages of Esquire or Men's Vogue. Definitely a winning, modern and confident look. Our best wishes to him given the recent turmoil caused by Hurricane Gustav.

Stephen acquired his fingerpiece on eBay and had a friendly, local optician put in lenses for him. As with my experience, it took a few tries for the optician to satisfactorily complete Stephen's pince-nez. Patience is a necessity for these eyeglasses.

I sent out some nose pads to Stephen as part of the Renaissance's Reader Outreach Program. About five months ago I put up a post offering free nose pads to readers who send in their photos. It was a successful project and several readers provided photo. Thanks to a generous grant from myself (of about $15), the Renaissance is continuing its nose pad giveaway.


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