Saturday, June 28, 2008

Will I Ever Learn? (another eBay story)

In past posts I wrote about my disappointment with pince-nez on eBay for the purpose of actual wear. I have to distinguish the intended purpose for my buying on eBay. Collectible or actual wear? I did buy one fantastic trial fitting set several months ago which is a great collectible. However for actual wear, pince-nez on eBay has been a disappointment after several purchases.

This outcome shouldn't be surprising as pince-nez, by nature, is very temperamental regarding fit. After all, a trial fitting consisted of a dozen mountings varying greatly in size and dimensions. The only way to truly determine fit was the physical act of trying it on. Add in some possible, undisclosed condition problems and eBay looks less promising for a wearable pince-nez.

So two weeks ago I purchased another pince-nez on eBay. A pair of white, octagonal gold filled specs accompanied the pince-nez and the purchase price was $5. I couldn't pass it up even though I didn't have time to ask for close-ups of the glasses. I ran across the listing with hours to go. The hoop spring looked quite attractive and I'm in the market for a wearable one.

A mild disappointment. The fit is just a little too snug with nose pads, and this mounting cannot be worn without one. The tortoiseshell back on the left guard is gone. With nose pads, it wouldn't make a difference but these hoop springs have seen a lot of wear. The white specs has some corrosion issues on the temples.

There was a bright side to the purchase. I did get a pretty nifty aluminum American Optical case in good condition. I found the AO symbol on the back of the case.

There is a solution in the works for those looking to buy a wearable pince-nez. In the near future the Renaissance will have a buy and sell board. Once again, the Renaissance takes a proactive stance!


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