Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Pince-Nez in New York City

It felt great taking a few weeks off and tending to the mundane matters of life. A bit of rest works a great wonder. As previously stated, I still kept the Renaissance in business over my break. I received some photos and emails from Eric in New York City. He is a very knowledgeable about pince-nez and a practicing enthusiast. Here he is pictured with a hoop spring pince-nez that he wore at his wedding. Note the ear loop. A great look, reminiscent of the Golden Age of pince-nez.

Eric has a great collection of antique and vintage eyewear. Here is a nice still shot below of some frames. Two 18th century steel frames are on the left, followed by tortoise shell, horseshoe shaped glasses circa late 19th century, and a Chinese tea glass frame is in the lower right. The toy soldiers and photos add more personality to the varied collection of eyewear.

Many thanks to Eric for sending in his photos and contributing to the Renaissance.


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