Saturday, June 14, 2008

Frustration (and hope!)

Yes, I feel like tearing my hair out. All is not well with my new pince-nez. The damn thing has become painful on one side of my nose. The right side of the glasses feels fine on my nose. Just a slight red impression which is expected and there is no discomfort. The left side became very irritated after two weeks of wear. The first week was fine for some reason.

Now to play the Blame Game. I can't blame the glasses. They are in great shape and look fine. The blame rests entirely with the opticians I used in the Castro in San Francisco. Since my partner has been loyal to this place for twenty years and still goes there, I won't mention their name. Three times I went back for "adjustments" and in all instances their best salesperson didn't spend more than two minutes with me. She didn't even try. Just getting down to the store required taking extra time for lunch and a Muni ride down to the Castro. If only they tried, and failed, I wouldn't really mind.

I can understand how someone would be hesitant to adjust an antique pince-nez. I explicitly told Karen that I understand the mounting can break. The risk is fine with me. Just try to make them fit comfortably.

Two weeks ago I bought a pair of needle nose pliers in an attempt to do it myself. I made a slight adjustment to the left nose guard and it looked better. No more pain! A couple days of wearing the pince-nez and I experienced no discomfort.

Then in the second week the pain came back. Damn! This is more complicated than I previously thought. No sense in going back to the same opticians.

Perhaps a competent optician can adjust this pince-nez. If not, I can take the lenses and place them in another mounting as the lens holes all appear to be drilled in the same offset position. All I know is that my ambition is temporarily thwarted. It is possible for a pince-nez to fit well as one side sits just fine.

I am planning to try the hoop spring style as this is much easier to adjust than a fingerpiece.


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