Saturday, May 24, 2008

Rene's Inspiration

Last week I posted a photo of Rene, a flexible guard wearer. As like other pince-nez enthusiasts, Rene was inspired by a prior wearer in history. I became interested in pince-nez after seeing film clips of FDR take off his glasses. Across the Atlantic, Rene had a similar source of inspiration but with a twist.

Family photos of his great grandfather, Johann Schober, displayed in his childhood home created an interest for Rene in pince-nez. He liked the style worn by this distinguished gentleman who served three times as Chancellor of Austria from 1921-1931 as well as National President (1918) and long time National Chief of Police.

As Rene approached his mid teens, he was determined to obtain a pince-nez and wear it exclusively. His desire was realized at age 16 and he has been content with the flexible guard since that time.

Interestingly, I have a post on my other blog which covers another man in Austrian history: Archduke Otto. Please check it out if you are interested.


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