Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Great Nose Pad Showdown: J.I. Morris vs. QTE

Only on the Renaissance will you be able to find a review of nose pads suitable for wear with pince-nez. Nose pads for pince-nez are difficult to find and wearer reviews, to my knowledge, are non-existent except for this blog. I've had the opportunity to wear nose pads from both J.I. Morris and QTE for extended periods of time. Now I am able to render a decision on the qualities of both makers.

Morris is an established name in nose pads. My friend has been wearing them for ages and I found them to be very good. Comfortable and obviously fairly well-made as they have not torn. In my limited experience with pince-nez (less than a year), I was amazed at the difference in comfort and security when wearing Morris nose pads and not wearing any pads. The pince-nez I've worn would not be wearable if I did not have nose pads.

A week ago I switched to nose pads from QTE so I could gauge the quality of these pads for the Renaissance. I didn't expect much difference. I was wrong. QTE is slightly better than Morris nose pads in regard to both comfort and security, the vital yardsticks for assessing pince-nez wear.

The first noticeable difference was the grip of the pads. QTE has a bit of a firmer grip as the silicone doesn't feel as slippery as the Morris pads. You can feel a textured grip on the QTE pads even though it has a smooth surface. This is extremely important if you sweat while wearing pince-nez.

Second, QTE pads are a touch more comfortable than Morris. I had some irritation on one side of my nose bridge with the Morris which has disappeared while wearing the QTE pads. I can feel the difference. Somehow the QTE pads soften the feel to a small yet significant degree when compared to Morris.

Any downsides to QTE pads? At first sight, I wasn't impressed by the clear color. Morris pads have a rose coloring which blends in nicely with the flesh. However, clear color is fine and I wouldn't suggest that QTE change it. Don't get me wrong, Morris makes a fine nose pad. QTE happens to make a superior product. QTE nose pads are made in the US and are non-toxic.

The QTE website is very good for ordering online. Their nose pads are available in three sizes which parallel Morris's sizing. Note that the Morris regular size is equivalent to QTE's small size. They have assortment packs of the three sizes or you can order a pack of one size.

Why such an extensive review of nose pads? This item is absolutely crucial for wearing pince-nez in most cases. They greatly enhance comfort and security.

*Note: As of 12/09, Morris nose pads are no longer available according to the author's understanding.


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