Saturday, April 5, 2008

The Z-Fold Oxford

z fold Oxford pince nez
I received a very nice gift two weeks ago of some Oxford pince-nez. A few weeks ago I wrote a post on the varieties of Oxford pince-nez. The one that really interested me from the start was the z-fold Oxford. It has a very nifty mechanism for folding out which you cannot really appreciate until you do it. The lenses fold out in different directions, hence the name. This particular z-fold still has the hang tag! A great piece of history from American Optical.

The case is small as it holds the Oxford quite snugly in the closed position. This case is in remarkably good condition and the release mechanism functions very well. The material appears to be bakelite.

z fold Oxford pince nez case

z fold Oxford pince nez case
So how exactly does the z-fold work? The photo below shows how the folding mechanism operates. The lenses pop into place as the lenses are rotated in opposite directions along the bridge. To fold, just gently apply pressure to the lens frame and fold backward. A very smooth procedure.

z fold Oxford pince nez operation
This is not a pince-nez which I would wear. The nose guards are too close together and it is far too tight on me. Also, the Oxford by nature is a very heavy variety of pince-nez and it is not comfortable for extended periods of wear. Nevertheless, this is a very interesting item and I am thrilled to have one in great condition with the original hang tag.

Oh yes, here is a photo of the back showing the nose guards.

z fold Oxford pince nez back


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