Sunday, April 6, 2008

The Winner is ...........

Tomorrow is my long awaited eye exam followed by my order for prescription lenses in a pince-nez mounting. My optician has a good business and I've had to wait about two months for this exam. Turns out I'm glad that I've had this wait. It has been a very difficult decision, as there are a few very good mountings for me. Apart from the pivot fingerpiece which I purchased on eBay, all of the choices have been from my friend's batch. To refresh your memory, here is the original pince-nez group.

pince nez group fingerpiecesFor a long time I favored the matte steel fingerpiece at the top left. The comfort and security of this pince-nez is excellent. My other favorite was the pince-nez mounting without lenses in the upper right corner. This also fit well. The white gold hoop spring, second from top left, fit very well after making a minor adjustment to the nose guards. However, my first prescription pince-nez will be a fingerpiece. And the winner is.....

The one on the bottom left!

Yes, it sort of surprised me also. The round lenses looked very dorky on me, for want of a better word. But lenses, like your name, can be changed. LeDandy isn't very handy, but he quickly acquired the skill of changing lenses on pince-nez mountings. So I took some spare lenses from the Fits-U trial set and placed them in the mounting. A great look!

pince nez fingerpieceWhat prompted me to decide on this mounting? The arc of the bridge. It is more pronounced than the others and it is a very flattering look. Pending my optician's approval, this will be my first pince-nez. A twenty year dream about to come true!

pince nez fingerpiece


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