Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The Trial Fingerpiece Set: More Photos

pince nez fingerpiece trial set

I was excited about putting up an article and some photos of the trial fingerpiece set which I bought a few weeks ago. I have a few more photos of interest regarding this set. As you can see, there are seven of the twelve pince-nez from the original set. This is quite common as many pince-nez were lost or used individually. Rest assured that I will keep the remaining seven in the set. This photo emphasizes the different sizes and shapes of the saddle bridge mounting. An optician would be able to successfully fit a wide array of individuals with this set of fingerpieces.

I also noticed some small tags which were loose in the set. These are the original hang tags for the pince-nez. I'm thrilled that these survived. On the reverse of the tag, it has the model number of the pince-nez.

pince nez hang tag American Optical
pince nez hang tag American Optical


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