Saturday, April 19, 2008

Nose Pads: Another Source!

I've been thrilled wearing my pince-nez all day with total comfort. In fact, I often forget that I am wearing anything at all. On my face, I mean. I attribute this comfort mainly to the silicone nose pads which also provide enhanced security of fit. My friend who is a pince-nez expert told me that some pince-nez fit great without nose pads and have fine comfort and security. I do not doubt him. But I do believe in the vast majority of cases that silicone nose pads are essential.

I found out some time ago that the boot-style nose pads required for pince-nez are a very, very difficult find. In a previous post, the only two sources I found were J.I. Morris and Stormin' Normans. Morris makes excellent nose pads, but their website doesn't contain any information on them. You have to call. Stormin' Normans is strictly wholesale.

There is another source for nose pads. QTE. They have a tremendous selection of optical tools, parts and other supplies. I haven't bought anything from them but they do look good. QTE has an assortment pack of three pairs in sizes of small, large and x-large for $4.95. A great way to find your size and sample the feel of nose pads at at a reasonable cost. Once you find your size, you can buy packs of three pair at the same price. Nice thing to know is that all of their nose pads are made in the US. I believe the best things are still made in the US, except for cars of course.


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