Thursday, April 17, 2008

My New Pince-Nez

pince nez fingerpiece
I finally got my pince-nez with prescription lenses! Yes, a twenty year dream that finally came true. I picked up my fingerpiece yesterday at the optical store and wore them all day today. Prior to today, I haven't worn a pince-nez for more than an hour or two. I was worried that I wouldn't be comfortable wearing a pince-nez all day. Well, I was really shocked at the comfort of them. I forgot that I had them on at times. I'm not kidding. They were that comfortable. Security was not an issue as they were firmly lodged at all times. The nose guards are strong.

If it wasn't for the silicone nose pads however, I doubt that I would be able to wear them at all. Nose pads are essential.

I was a little worried last night as I noticed that the nose guards were uneven and the lenses had a slight upward tilt. Oh no, I thought, they'll have to redo the lenses. No problem today. I went back and Karen made some slight adjustments. Voila. A perfectly fitted pince-nez. I forgot that even with standard glasses, follow-up adjustments are usually necessary. I needlessly worried.

So why just the picture of the eyeglasses and not me wearing them? Vanity. I've been under a lot of stress lately and I don't feel that my face is photogenic. I'll spare you the details. Rest assured that they look great on me. In a week or so I'll post many pics of me wearing them.

Any reactions to my pince-nez? One of my neighbors remarked on how they didn't have temples. She was pleasantly surprised by them and curious as to how they stayed in place. My other neighbor, JoAnne, was there also and knows about my pince-nez interest. She was braced for a long discussion! Today in San Francisco I did notice quite a few people looking. Either the glasses or I'm just a handsome guy. Probably the glasses.

I plan on wearing my fingerpiece full time. Other glasses are merely back-ups now.


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