Saturday, April 26, 2008

My First Week Wearing Pince-Nez

pince nez fingerpieceI've been wearing my pince-nez for a week now. I'll be candid: I was really worried if it would be practical to wear this style on a full-time basis. I'm pleased to tell you that pince-nez is quite comfortable and I often forget I'm wearing glasses. A few times I even went to grab the temples. No temples! Then again I've been wearing specs for over thirty years.

I will tell you that this first week hasn't been perfect. I had some slight skin irritation on one side of my nose. This however is temporary as there isn't any problem with fit and both nose guards are in great shape, applying equal pressure. Even with standard specs, there can be some skin irritation during the break-in period. My friend advised me to use the gel found in a Vitamin E capsule and apply a little bit to the affected area and nose pads. Yesterday my nose felt much better. Just one day of real irritation this week.

So who noticed? My workplace isn't a good indicator as I've been talking nonstop about pince-nez for the past several months. I have received many favorable comments which were quite sincere at work. On the street I have noticed some people who appear to be looking at my pince-nez. For some reason, it is usually middle-aged businessmen. Last week Jon Dean and I went to Trader Joe's, a small, specialty grocery store, and I remarked to him that no one noticed. He told me there was one Indian woman who kept frowning at me and stared at my glasses. People will notice, but few will be bold enough to vocally comment their thoughts.

Overall, it has been a very good week and a sign of a lot of enjoyment for me with my new pince-nez. In my opinion, it is a gorgeous look and will make you think twice about wearing ordinary specs again.

pince nez fingerpiece


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