Saturday, April 12, 2008

Every Pince-Nez Has a Story

Some have a very short, dull story as in manufactured but never used. Others have far more interesting stories. Pictured above is one such interesting pince-nez. It is even more interesting in that these eyeglasses didn't begin as pince-nez but as ordinary spectacles. They belonged to a friend of mine who converted this to a pince-nez as there was enough tension in the bridge. Sharp looking bridge and lens.

What happened to the left lens? It shattered upon striking a city sidewalk after a strong gust of wind blew the pince-nez off his face! Yes, pince-nez offers a secure fit but there are unique dangers to this style of eyewear. Strong winds are hazardous to pince-nez.

Follow-up: My friend was indignant and said that he never had a problem with his always perfectly attached pince-nez in even strong winds. Only a slight wobble, at most, occurred in these conditions which never affected the stability of the pince-nez. There was never any fear of detachment. The fatal episode discussed above happened because the eyeglass was in reality a mock pince-nez.


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