Saturday, March 8, 2008

Send in your photo, get free nose pads

pince nez nose pad
I'm proud to announce the start of the Renaissance's Outreach Program. Outreach means reaching out to the community and that is exactly what we are doing. Thanks to a generous grant (of about $30), we are able to offer two free pairs of nose pads if you send in a photo of yourself wearing pince-nez. We'll publish the photo along with any information you want to share. If you haven't tried nose pads on your pince-nez, you'll find this inexpensive accessory makes a vast improvement in comfort and security. Please check out the Renaissance post on nose pads.

All joking aside, this nose pad offer in exchange for a photo is legitimate. Michael was our first recipient of our nose pad offer. Give it a try as you have nothing to lose. We will send you two pair of J.I. Morris silicone nose pads, one in size regular and the other in extra large. They do make a large size which is in between these two. Unfortunately our "grant" only covers a limited number of pairs.

Why is the Renaissance doing this promotion? I have wanted to wear pince-nez for over twenty years but couldn't find any information or advice. About four months ago I met someone online who has provided a wealth of support and information which has enabled me to fulfill this long-held goal. I'd like to pass along this information so others have this information available. Without nose pads, I doubt that I would wear pince-nez

Unfortunately we cannot offer free pince-nez mountings. That you'll have to buy on your own. Please send in your photo and other information (if any) you would like to appear on the Renaissance to LeDandy. If you live outside the U.S., we'll still send out the nose pads if possible. Our stock of nose pads is limited.

If you wish to buy more nose pads, ordering information is available on my previous nose pad post. A pair of pads should last at least a year with constant wear.

[Update 4/25/09: Nose pad offer no longer available. Please order directly from QTE.]


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