Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Please Bid Responsibly

When bidding on eBay, please stay within reasonable boundaries. It's best to know the value of an item and what you are willing to spend. Yes, this is not brilliant advice and I'm sure you've heard it before. When I first started on eBay, I ended up bidding far too much on a ticket stub from the 1982 World Cup (Poland v. USSR). I got caught up in a bidding war with a Polish eBayer who had national pride on his side but not the money. Ever since that auction, I've learned to stay within reasonable limits. Sniping, the process of placing a bid in the closing seconds, is a great technique for staying out of a bidding war as you must bid your maximum amount at one time.

Oxford pince nez eBay overpriced
I've been following pince-nez auctions and saw the tragedy of a bidding war between two overzealous bidders. Well, it wasn't a tragedy for the seller! The Oxfords pictured above sold for $192.76! This is about $170 too much. Is there something special about this particular pince-nez? No, just a standard gold-filled frame. My friend confirmed that this was not a rare piece or special in any way. Just two bidders caught up in a costly conflict. The "winner" turned out to be the loser in this instance.

Another auction ending about the same time for a similar item ended with no bids. This was also a white, gold-filled Oxford in great condition with case and cleaning cloth. Interestingly, it had no bids and went unsold for $14.99. In my opinion, this frame was equal if not superior to the frame which sold for $192.76.

Oxford pince nez unsold
Buyer beware, as they say.


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