Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Pivot Fingerpiece

pivot fingerpiece pince nez
I recently bought a very nice fingerpiece on eBay last week. At a glance,it looks like a standard rimless fingerpiece with an ear loop. However, this pince-nez has an additional feature on the nose guard. It has a pivot movement on the guard itself.

Here are some close-up photos showing the pivot mechanism. It is a subtle feature and not always apparent from most photos.

pivot close up fingerpiece pince nez
Does it make a difference in fit? No. I've worn this model for a short time and it did not feel different from a fingerpiece with the standard stationary guard. I must say the rocking motion of the nose pad is a clever feature.

Below is a fingerpiece with a stationary nose guard. Click on it for detail. This particular mounting is the one which I have fitted with prescription lenses in less than a month. I can't wait!

stationary guard pince nez
If the noseguards of a fingerpiece do not look symmetrical, it may be due to a pivot nose guard. Investigate!


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