Saturday, March 15, 2008

Pince-Nez Sighting

mission impossible pince nezLast week I watched a dvd of the old tv series "Mission Impossible." For those of you not familiar with this series, it was made in the late 1960s - early 1970s and covered the missions of a fictional CIA-style government spy team. Despite sticking to a rigid formula, the show was very interesting and a pleasure to watch.

Last week I watched an episode entitled "The Play," dating back to an air time of December 8, 1968. In this episode, the team had to travel to an unnamed East European country and discredit a power hungry cabinet minister from attaining power at the expense of the current prime minister. Barry Atwater, who played the prime minister, wore a pince-nez fingerpiece! It looked great on someone playing a head of state. A distinguished style of eyewear.

What I found very interesting was the dramatic effect of taking the fingerpiece on and off. It is a wonderful way to add a visual exclamation point to a statement. You couldn't accomplish the same result with a hoop spring.

Unfortunately I couldn't find a picture of Barry Atwater from this particular show. It wasn't the best Mission Impossible episode, but I will remember the pince-nez from it.


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