Sunday, March 16, 2008

Little Pieces of Jewelry for the Nose, Part II

pince nez jewelry fingerpiece hoop spring mountingsA short time ago, I posted a photo of some pince-nez mountings which were absolutely stunning in appearance. A friend of the Renaissance was kind enough to send in that pic from his collection. As someone once said, it is literally a piece of jewelry for the nose. Pictured above are more examples of the varieties found within the fingerpiece and hoop spring pince-nez styles. Imagine one of these on your nose with a lens shape of your choosing.

Click on the photo above to see the detail of these mountings. They are fingerpieces except for the last five which are hoop springs. Short of a custom-made piece of jewelry, these mountings could not be manufactured today.

I uploaded some photos regarding pince-nez on Flickr, Yahoo's image program. A friend of mine put up many vintage pics of men and women wearing pince-nez also on Flickr. His photo collection is a neat journey in pince-nez style and history. Please feel free to leave comments on any photo.


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