Friday, February 22, 2008

Nose Pads for Pince-Nez, Part II of II

Morris Rest-Rite nose pads pince-nez
Nose pads are a wonderful creation which provide enhanced comfort and security for wearers of pince-nez. These simple silicone nose pads are exremely difficult to find. Do an internet search and you will have no trouble finding silicone nose pads. These are the screw-in variety meant for eyewear with temples. The slip-on boot pads are much more elusive.

So far I've been able to track two sources for slip-on, silicone boot pads: J.I. Morris Company of Southbridge, Massachusetts and Stormin' Norman's. The Renaissance recommends the J.I. Morris Company for several reasons. Stormin' Norman's is a wholesale distributor and, as stated on their website, does not sell to individuals.

If you browse the Morris website, you will not find nose pads in their selection. A friend of mine called them and found out that they still make the Rest-Rite, boot style nose pads and they sell directly to the public!

I've had the opportunity to wear the Rest-Rite pads with my white gold hoop spring. Morris's nose pads are a quality product and are slightly thinner than the now-extinct Danbert product. Sizes available are regular, large and extra large. The regular size is suitable for most nose guards. Extra large is the best choice for pince-nez with cork lined guards. Size dimensions are illustrated on the box pictured above.

At the time of this writing, the price is $16.50 for a dozen pair in any one of the three sizes. This price includes shipping in the US. Individual pairs are sold but I do not having pricing information. The telephone number for J.I. Morris is 508-764-4394. Website ordering is not available at this time.

Morris nose pads should last at least a year with constant wear and may last as long as three years.

The only other seller of boot style, slip-on pads is Stormin' Norman's. I do not have any experience with them or their product, but their price is $8.75 for a dozen pair in size large or extra large. The website states that they do not sell to individuals but you may want to contact them. Contact information is available on their website.

I'm very pleased that my friend found this great source for nose pads. Trust me, once you start wearing them on your pince-nez you will wonder how you could live without them.

If any readers of the Renaissance have another source for nose pads, please write to me. [update: QTE makes nose pads also. See post.]
*Note: As of 12/09, Morris nose pads are no longer available according to the author's understanding.


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