Tuesday, February 5, 2008

"Little Pieces of Jewelry on the Nose"

This is what many people have called pince-nez mountings. To those unfamiliar with this style of eyewear, it is easy to think of pince-nez as just one design. But once you get familiar with this eyewear, you can appreciate the different looks and construction of this gorgeous eyewear. Hoop spring, fingerpiece, saddle bridges, bridges with art deco motif. The material used in the pince-nez varies. Most are gold-filled but others are 10 or 14k gold and some are silver-plated. Brass was also used. Nose guards can be either be stationery or the pivot variety.

A friend put together this stunning picture of various mountings. Click on it so you can see the mountings in more detail. They really are pieces of jewelry.

pince nez jewelry


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