Friday, February 15, 2008

It's (Not) All About Me

I was appalled by the appearance of this blog the other day. I have the banner at the top with my image repeated across the screen, along with a big picture of me in a post wearing a hoop spring pince-nez.* If I was a first-time reader, I'd think "this guy is an egomaniac." I want to assure that the Pince-Nez Renaissance is a community, on-line resource center and not a personal blog about my eyewear interests. It just turns out that I'm the only model available right now.

If you wear pince-nez or are interested in the style, I encourage you to write to me (LeDandy) with your stories and/or photos. With your express permission, I'll include the material in a post. Or leave a comment on a post if you like. Many people may think that a blog just about eyewear is boring. I agree. The interesting part is always about the individuals involved with the subject matter.

Of course you don't have to contribute anything to this blog. I'm happy to have you as a reader and hope you continue to be one. But if you'd like to share your story and/or photos, it would be a great addition to this blog.

*Note: Previous banner had LeDandy's picture repeated across the screen.


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