Thursday, February 14, 2008

If At First It Doesn't Fit....

LeDandy pince-nez

Sometimes you might want to try and try again. It all depends on the details of the mounting. Some mountings are quite adaptable and others are quite inflexible. Do not be disheartened when a beautiful pince-nez does not fit at first. Sometimes adjustments can be made.

So what makes me so smart in this area? The white gold hoop spring that I am wearing in this photo did not fit at first. It was far too snug and wobbled vertically on my nose. It didn't fit the second time I had them on either. It wasn't until I learned something from another pince-nez that I decided to adjust the nose guard on this white gold mounting.

A small correction to the nose guard with my fingers. Voila! It fit superbly. I'm sure some minor optician adjustments will be made, but I am well in the ballpark on this mounting as to fit. I'll also want to get a different shape and size of lens. This is such a gorgeous pince-nez that I couldn't give up on it.

As you can see below, the nose guard of this hoop spring is quite adaptable by nature of its design. All you have to do is gently bend the back part of the nose guard to the desired position. When making any adjustment on the nose guard, it is best to make several small, incremental changes rather than one large correction.

Other nose guards are not suited to much modification. I tried on a beautiful, art deco yellow gold hoop spring which was a tad too large for me. This one was a heartbreaker. The nose guards on this mounting are delicate with a slender arm as seen below. Click on the photo for a detailed view.

It was a thrill to wear this yellow gold pince-nez for a short time. The lens shape, called a tear drop, is identical to the pince-nez worn by Sec. of the Navy Frank Knox in yesterday's post.

So don't give up right away. A small adjustment, if allowed, can work miracles.


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