Sunday, January 27, 2008

A Word or Two on Pince-Nez from Yesteryear

I'm on strict orders today from Jon Dean not to try on the pince-nez frames that my friend sent. I've been having a lot of fun. Too much fun. (just kidding, he's not really mad at me)

You've seen some vintage ads in this blog which bring back a different time. Well, the prose from that time is equally interesting. The following is a passage from Spectacles and Eyeglasses by R.J. Phillips, M.D. (1908):
"...the eyeglass or pince-nez, has advantages...from the facility and quickness with which it may be placed in position or removed. The superiority of eyeglasses in appearance and becomingness is another point not unworthy of consideration, as the glasses will surely be more constantly worn if they are becoming than if they are not so. Moreover, the patient is entitled to the correction of his refractive error with as little injury to his appearance as possible."

LeDandy opines that a pince-nez greatly enhances one's appearance.


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