Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Myth: "They'll Fall Off My Face"

This is the biggest myth out there regarding pince-nez eyeglasses. Who wants to wear glasses which will fall off one's face? I certainly want eyewear to remain on my face.

As I've said, there is very little information on the internet or anywhere else regarding actual wear of pince-nez frames. In the absence of any information, the obvious presumption is that this style did fall off the face.

I'm pleased to tell you that this presumption is wrong. The opposite is true: a properly fitted, well constructed pince-nez is very secure and quite comfortable to wear. The operative phrases are "properly fitted" and "well constructed." Cheap eyeglass readers and "Matrix" style sunglasses should not be confused with the genuine article. Also, a knowledgeable optician's skills are needed to adjust the frame. With these elements, one doesn't have to worry about the eyeglasses falling off.

My friend who has extensive experience wearing pince-nez wrote the following:
"In my young days I would always astound those who questioned the security of my pince-nez by wildly shaking my head up and down and from side to side with extreme violence so they could witness, first hand, the amazing stability of my pince-nez. The onlooker was totally astonished and duly impressed."
The crazy things we do in our youth.

The use of silicone nose pads also adds to the security and comfort of wear. This is optional and not required for a secure fit, but it can make the eyeglasses more comfortable to wear.


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