Saturday, January 26, 2008

My First Pince-Nez

LeDandy pince-nez
This wouldn't be much of a column if I didn't wear pince-nez. As you may have realized, these frames are hard to find in wearable condition. Sure, there is plenty of junk out there. But if you want quality frames that fit, they are hard to locate. Don't worry, I'll be writing some columns addressing this issue in the future. If LeDandy can find low vamp shoes, he can help you find pince-nez frames.

My friend sent a care package yesterday with seven pince-nez frames! I thought it was Christmas again. The package was sent to Jon Dean's workplace and it arrived in the early afternoon yesterday. I had to wait all day to get at them. I tried on the frames for the first time during a two hour drive home in a horrid thunderstorm. I was in my own world. Prior to these frames, I never tried on a good pince-nez frame.

It was an eye opening experience. The whole feel is different from conventional eyewear. There is a certain balance to the head while wearing pince-nez. Nothing is wrapped around your temples. This is the minimalist approach at its finest.

Not all the frames fit me, which was expected. There are different sized bridges, both in width and depth. Due to my long eyelashes, the models with deep bridges didn't fit. Of the seven, three fit fine. It will be a difficult decision to make regarding which one to fit with prescription lenses.

Of course I tested the security of the fit. I shook my head with the frames that fit. No wobble. I tried squinting as hard as I could. Still, the pince-nez remained stationary. No matter what you may read, you need to test the security yourself to really understand it.

Unfortunately, the hoopspring did not make a favorable impression with me. While very attractive, they wobbled a bit vertically on my nose. One pair would fit with adjustment, but I prefer the look and feel of the fingerpiece.

LeDandy pug pince-nezLeDandy and a mirror is definitely not a good combination. I've been in front of the mirror all day trying on the frames. Given the different strength lenses, it made me a little dizzy! Ah, but what a great feeling. I've waited for about twenty years to get this style of eyewear. In a few weeks this dream will come true.


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