Sunday, January 20, 2008

About the Author (and Why I Write)

Welcome to the Pince-Nez Renaissance. Pronounced "pahns-nay." I'm glad you dropped by to check out this column. My name is Alan and I've been writing a blog called "LeDandy (of Northern California)." I like to write about my own lifestyle and focus primarily on clothes and fashion. There are other subjects but I try to avoid politics and religion. I live in the San Francisco Bay area, about to turn forty-four, and am happily partnered for the last eight years to Jon Dean. We have six cats and three dogs, including a one year old pug named Tater.

I've had a strong desire to wear pince-nez eyeglasses for about twenty years. It is one of those hopes that you think will never reach fruition. The main reasons include:

  • Pince-nez frames can only be found in antique stores. Usually they are in poor condition and expensive;
  • Belief that they will fall off one's face and are uncomfortable to wear;
  • Optician's lack of knowledge, and interest, regarding pince-nez;
  • Extreme rarity in public and lack of information on this style;
  • Eyewear is a costly purchase, as lenses alone can be a substantial amount.

These factors can kill even a motivated individual's desire to wear pince-nez.

Then one day a reader of LeDandy contacted me about wearing pince-nez. He is an expert with this eyewear and speaks from forty or so years of experience. He opened my eyes, so to speak and is a wealth of information on the subject. I'd like to show others that wearing pince-nez these days is not only possible, but a great look that you will love if this style appeals to you.

I'm in the process of having my first pince-nez made. Leading by example, as they say.


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